Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race Nine, January 14, 2021

Another fantastic night for a swim. Terry Bone nearly had it won, when a non-wetsuit swimmer streaked by like a bolt of lightning – it was the new Eyebright Mile record holder Alec Swan putting the final touches on his preparation for Swimming NZ’s open water championships in Taupo this weekend.

Ben Marshall and Hamish Neill went head-for-head for third, with the bearded Ben taking it by a whisker (well he would wouldn’t he?). Series winner from days gone by Matt Hansen was fifth ahead of Connor Eden, Haydn Lockie and poster boys Fenn Anderson and Joe Thornton.

Isabella Thurlow rounded out the top ten, leading the women home, with Brooke Swan in 12th, Flossie Van Dyke in 14th and Christina Harris in 15th. Christina heads off at 4.30am in the direction of Taupo to swim the 10km Epic, followed by the 2.5km and then the 5km on Sunday.

The short swim winner was Noah Brehaut, followed by Emily Chadderdon, Lilly Claridge and Marcel Kepess.

Here’s the results

Here’s the points – email Peter Gibbs with question/corrections – petergibbs96@gmail.com

Photos by Pete Marshall

Story by Peter Gibbs

With regard to the photo at the top of this page. Pete Marshall did a great job of photos at last Sunday’s Eyebright Mile and this one, of Joe Thornton and Fenn Anderson, is a gem. If you haven’t seen the photos already, check again.