Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race Eight, January 7, 2021

Lovely swim tonight of about 1250m. Oxford Bayley led the way home, followed by Hayden Squance, some swimmers from Aquagym in Christchurch, then Nic Hall and Alec Swan, swimming without a wetsuit.

Abbey Smale was the first woman, followed by Isabella Thurlow, swimming without a wetsuit, Brooke Swan and Christina Harris.

Results have been messed up by a non-registered swimmer turning up and swimming for nothing. Whoever you are – I hope you’re ashamed of yourself. Results will be published as soon as they’re untangled.

Here’s the results – two hours late thanks to that prat who got a free ride. If you think something’s wrong, please email coyle-j@outlook.com If you know anyone who thinks they may get a free swim in the future, give them an almighty telling off.

Here’s some photos – by Alice Eaton and Peter Gibbs

Here’s the season points to date – Any questions or corrections regarding points, please contact Peter Gibbs – petergibbs96@gmail.com

Story by Peter Gibbs

Don’t forget – Eyebright Mile, 8am, Sunday. Check in at the yacht club.