Newsletter, November 10

If you took part in race one, congratulations. That’s definitely the earliest, and probably the coldest night we’ve ever had in the 28 years since the series started.

If you were disheartened, don’t be, things will only get better. Added to the problems last week was a strong tide. We’re in the middle of the flow right now, but over the next few weeks we’ll work our way into more benevolent currents as we swim closer to the high or low tides.

This week we have an outgoing tide. As usual, we’ll swim into it to start with, so the short course will swim north for 200m, returning via the offshore buoy for a swim of just over 400m.

The long course will head south, angling around an early buoy to head for the dolphin before returning – a swim of about 950m, but cutting across the current, rather than into it. Navigation will be key – you’ll need to take frequent sightings as you drift to the south.

A couple of reminders about yacht club protocol – no parking in the yacht club spots, no dogs and please don’t park your bikes on the yacht club deck.

Hot showers are provided, but each night we need to mop the room. Feel free to do this any time – take your turn to clean up and it won’t always be a chore for the same people..

Have you been checking the website (

Each week the results page will include the points table, photos and links to the story on These items go up gradually for a few days, so keep checking for new information. These newsletter will also go on the site under ‘News’.

The website is a new version this year and we’re still adding things to it, for example a page for the Clements Endurance Series, which will be there soon.

If you’re new to things, that series of four races runs on Sundays through the season and takes in races from 2km to 3.8km, though there’s always a shorter option. Race one, from the beach to the yacht club, is on Sunday December 7. The short race of 600m starts at the Richardson St Steps, but you’ll need to sign on at the beach.

Remember that if you haven’t registered in advance, you make a lot more work for our volunteers. Even if you’re only doing one swim, please enter online at – and don’t leave it until the last minute.

See you Thursday.