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Nelson Summer Sea Swims and
Rylock Windows & Doors Endurance Swim Series

ALL competitors must REGISTER ONLINE no later than the night before their first swim!!!

Thursday Night Summer Sea Swim Series

Thursday, November 18, 2021 – Thursday, March 17, 2022


Nelson Yacht Club
Wakefield Quay, Nelson, 7010
Map and Directions

Season registration is $120 includes a swim cap (unlimited swims, 18 swims in total)
Single swim is $15 per swim +$5 for swim cap (you must have the correct colour coded series swim cap, which can be used again over the season). No discounts on single swims or on-the-night entries.

PAYMENT OPTIONS (Choose one option)

  • Pay online Full Series ($120) -select this option to pay online (non-member).
  • Club member ($70) -$50 discount off full series, must be Nelson Tri Member. -select this option to pay online as a club member. Note you must be a registered member to receive the discount. To become a member goto: New members join here or to renew your membership goto: My Membership
  • School Student U16 ($60) -50% discount off full series. -select this option to pay online for school student U16.
  • Pay at Event (single swim) -bring cash on the night of swim. -select this option if you plan to do just one or a few races, and pay $15 (cash only) when you check in each night ($20 on the first night to include a cap). Note there are no discounts for casual swims or on-the-day entries.

On each night there will be a short and a long course. The short swim will generally be 300m-800m, while the long swim will be 1000m-1500m. Exact distances will vary depending on conditions. Where possible, the short course swim will extend to longer distances in the new year.

Starts will be in waves:

  • Short swim (orange caps).

Long course (3 separate waves)

  • Strong swimmers starting first (1-white caps)
  • Confident swimmers in wave two (2-green caps)
  • Recreational swimmers in wave three (3-red caps)

Less confident swimmers are asked to start at the rear of wave two or three. Kayakers will endeavour to keep a closer watch on these swimmers, who will also be in view of a shore official at all times. Choose these options if you enjoy the company and security of the series environment, but are not concerned about competition or times (times will be taken however as this is a check that all swimmers are accounted for).

Times will be adjusted to reflect the wave start, so you’ll receive your exact swim time. However, it’s important that you verify your wave start on registration and have the correct coloured cap.

Click the button below to register online for the Thursday Night Sea Swim series. All competitors must register online the night before their first swim.

Thursday Night Sea Swims Series

The Rylock Windows & Doors Endurance Series 2021-22

The Rylock Windows & Doors Endurance Series of four longer races (with short and long course options) on Sundays through the season. Registration for this series is different/separate from the Thursday Night swims. You must register online for each Endurance swim you plan to do.

All swimmers must wear a coloured series swim cap, for health and safety, to easily be identified in the water during the race.


Endurance series registration $60 includes a series swim cap. (4 races in total)
Single race is $20, plus $5 for a swim cap. No club or student discounts are available for this event.


  • Pay Online Full Series ($60) -select this option to pay for the full series online, this must be done through the series registration page
  • Pay Online Single Swim with Swim Cap ($25) -select this option for a single swim ($20) and if you need a swim cap (extra charge $5).
  • Pay Online Single Swim without Swim Cap ($20) -select this option for a single swim and already have a series swim cap.
  • Pay at event (bring cash on day of swim) -select this option to pay cash on the day of the swim.

Click the button below to register online for the Rylock Windows & Doors Endurance series. All competitors must register online the night before the swim.

Rylock Endurance Series

Given the nature of the above events and the challenges of tide and wave conditions, it is important that all athletes feel comfortable and confident swimming 500m front crawl in open water, whilst making significant forward progress at all times. Adherence to this requirement will be at the sole discretion of the race director.

Note: Nelson Triathlon Club has a NO REFUND policy on club events.

Please note you will need to register separately for the Rylock Endurance Series and the Thursday Night Swim Series. Unfortunately, we don’t have one registration for both.