Clements Endurance Series, race three, The Haulashore Circuit, February 9, 2020

After some windy weather, Sunday dawned calm and clear – great conditions for the 79 swimmers who took part.

Helped by the perfect conditions, Alec Swan (32.19), Oxford Bayley (33.18) and Fergus Drummond (33.30) all broke Hayden Squance’s 2017 record of 35.33.

Sierra Thomas (38.03) was fifth to finish (behind Terry Bone), breaking Pip Dwyer’s 2015 record of 38.15.

Here’s the results, click here

Photos by Jill Hebberd (note that swimmers in the short race were finishing at the same time as the leading swimmers in the long course), click here

Here’s a story on Sportzhub, click here

Here’s the course records since the event started in 2009, click here. Note that Christina Harris won the women’s section of the first race eleven years ago and won it again last year. Luke Kelly has won the race twice and Hayden Squance holds the race record. Matt Hansen is the most successful, having won three times.