Swim news, November 18

This week’s swim

It’s a bit dismal now, but the forecast is for a sunny day on Thursday. It’s quite a low tide at about 3pm, so once again we’ll be in a situation of tidal flow. As the weeks go by, we’ll swing into a period where we catch the low or high tide, with far less current, so the existing situation is a fact of life, but not permanent. This week, both short and long swims will head south into the current, but close to the shore where it’s less strong, turning out into the flow for the turbo return to the start. The short swim will be about 400m, the long swim 1000-1100m.

Watch the website – www.nelsonseaswims.co.nz

Each week there’ll be a posting under the results tab. This will update a few times each week, starting with results (usually by 9pm on swim night), then expanding with photos, points table, newspaper story (this is still to come for last week) and Samoa prize draw, so keep an eye on things there.

We’ll also include the photo of one swimmer and tell you a little about them (last week it was Ralph Hetzel).

As well, this mid-week newsletter will be posted under the News tab each week

Samoa Swim Prize

A reminder of this fantastic prize, thanks to Andrea Livingstone of Wildside Travel in Motueka. The prize includes airfares for two from Nelson to Samoa, five nights accommodation in Apia, travel from the airport and to the swims in Samoa and entry to the Samoa Swim Series on August 6, 7, 8.

Check out the website www.samoaswimseries.com The swim series is challenging, with non-wetsuit swims of up to 5km, so entry is restricted to those swimming in the long race of the Port Nelson Series. As well, to go into the draw, swimmers must have completed 12 swims during the season.

This is how it works: Each week, a random draw will select one swimmer from the long course (who has not previously been drawn). At the end of the season, we’ll have 18 candidates, although any who have not completed 12 swims over the summer will be dropped. There will be a closely monitored draw on prizegiving night in March. So far, Clark Ambrose and Norman Coldicott have been drawn as candidates. Another name will be added each week. See you on Thursday.