Sea Swims, November 9, 2017

Things couldn’t have been better for the opening night swim. Sunny skies, calm seas and a turnout of 167 swimmers. While not quite matching the opening nights of 2013 (175 swimmers) and 2012 (171 swimmers) it was a cheerful start to the season, with swims of 400m and 800m

A bit of tweaking coming up, but here’s the initial results

Finish order

Age group order

Here’s some photos, by Janice Coyle

Points for the season are accumulated each night, with each swimmer’s best 12 of the 18 swims counting towards season points. Here’s the points so far.

The winner of the random draw for a free entry to the Interislander Big Tahuna Ocean Swim on March 31 is Glenn Roberts.

To obtain a 20% discount on the Interislander Big Tahuna, enter here using the code NLESONSWIMSERIES2018 (Note that earlier I wrongly published the code as NELSONSWIMSERIES2018 Рthe real code has a deliberate juxtaposition of the letters)

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