Sea swims November 16, 2018

The season is shaping up into a battle between Luke Kelly and Hayden Squance, both previous winners of the Port Nelson Series.

Last week it was Luke by three seconds. This week it was Hayden’s turn, as he sprinted to a one second win over Luke on a course of about a kilometre on an incoming tide.

In the women’s section, Sophie Alexander had her first victory, with a clear gap back to fellow under-16 swimmers Ruby-Lou Stuart and Leah Friend.

Yegor Jones won the short swim from Mia Langley, Katie Jonas and Charlie Perkins.

150 swimmers took part.

Featured photo, Hayden Squance steps ashore just ahead of Luke Kelly. Photo: Janice Coyle.

Tonight’s results, click here

Results in finish order, click here

Here’s a story

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Evan Barnes of Shuttersport was there too. Here’s Evan’s photos

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