Rylock Swim Series Race Nine, January 13, 2022

Another tough swim. The expected current was flowing from the south, but the winds were stronger than expected, making the southernmost point of the swim a bit of a challenge.

Feature photo: Rob Cant, Erin O’Connor and Polina Stucke – always there, always happy to finish. Photo by Kay Sneddon.

Hayden Squance claimed his accustomed spot at the front of the field, while Peter Burrell scored an upset, taking second place from Terry Bone. Peter’s best place so far this second is fourth, so it’s a significant result for him.

After winning race one in the women’s section, Emily Chadderton has had to wait eight weeks for a repeat, a result which puts her back at the top of the points table. Christina Harris was the second woman, ahead of Lucy Barron.

In the short course, Keshia Linyard won from Keisha Old, continuing their back and forth battle.

Here’s the results.

Points after nine races.

Photos by Kay Sneddon, click here.

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