Rylock Swim Series race five, December 14, 2023

Terry Bone took another win from Hayden Squance over a testing swim of just on 1km. Terry made an early break and although Hayden gained towards the end, he fell short by teo seconds.

Hamish Neill and Ben Marshall had a similar battle a little furth back to finish ahead of teenagers Eddie Swain and Marcel Kepess.

Lilly Claridge continued her winning streak in the women’s division, ahead of Keshia Linyard, Sophie Pahl, Nia Linyard and Christina Harris.

In the short race, Rob Sheridan knocked Liliana Perrett out of the top spot for the first time this season.

Next were Matanga Marsden and Grace Van Orden.

Here’s the results

Photos by Brian Mills

Here’s the points, after five swims

Story on Sportzhub, by Peter Gibbs