Proper Crisps Team Tri

Despite all the damage at Rabbit Island and the confusion caused by the cancellation, the event was a great success for the small but perfectly formed field that took part.

Although it wasn’t about winning, in the team tag event the Ruby Bay Racers (the Squance family) came in first, ahead of Little Big Boys (Wayne Leighton, Jobe McAuley and Todd McAuley) and Come Back Queens (Britta Martin, Pogo McAuley and Candice Riley).


The Clatterboys were next, with Adam (13), Joseph (13) and Luke (14) clattering into fourth place – Luke completing the third quickest race of the day behind national and international superstars Hayden Squance and Britta Martin.

In the mixed teams, Ned Smith lead his Proper Lads to glory (Duncan Kerr and Andy Leonard) ahead of Mix Up (Margaret Johnston, Tracey Heaven and Cordelia Woodhead).

Here’s the full results

Sorry we didn’t have a photographer there today, but here’s a few quick pics off the phone. Click here

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