Port Nelson Swims – opening night, Thursday November 8, 2018

Uh Oh

Things are rotten at the yacht club – wind, waves and generally nasty weather, so sadly, tonight’s swim is cancelled. Things are looking much more positive next week – see you then.


There are signs of increased activity in the water as swimmers get back into the swing of things. It’s still brisk, but slowly warming up.

If you’re planning to swim this week, be sure to allow plenty of time to find a carpark and get checked in by 6pm.

The tides are quite big at the moment. Low tide Thursday is just before 5pm, so will be flowing in by the time we start.

Courses will start with a leg heading south from the yacht club ramp, keeping as close to shore as possible given the state of the tide, then turn right out into the channel, returning with the flow to the ramp.

Swimmers should be aware that there will be sailing activity from the yacht club ramp on Thursday nights. We will keep our activities to one side of the ramp and swimmers are asked to restrict their warmup to the area north of the ramp.

Results, photos and story will be on this page as soon as possible on Thursday night.

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