Port Nelson swim one, November 6

In the earliest-yet start to the season, 156 swimmers braved cold temperatures for the opening swim. Thomas Heaton and Sally McMath were the first male and female in the long course of just under 800m, while Ben Price and Bryony Marriott were first ashore in the short race over 300m.

Anna Perkins took a heap of photos, click here

Results, swim061114

The first winner of the chance to be included in the draw for the trip to Samoa is Clark Ambrose. A new draw will be made each week, with the 18 finalists going into the final draw in March.

See the story of this week’s swim online here

Over the summer, points are awarded in each age group section for both short and long swims. In addition, we have a table for super swimmers – only the top ten men and women in the long course are added to this table each week. Similarly, we have a table for non-wetsuit swimmer. There are sections for men and women in both short and long swims. The table will be updated each week.

Here’s the points table after week one points061114