Port Nelson Sea Swims, Race eight, December 26, 2019

Very tough swim of 1250m, with Luke Kelly and Abbey Smale top male and female.

Here’s the results, click here

Photos by Sandra McGregor, click here.

More photos by Tom Young, click here

Points to date: click here

Story in Sportzhub: click here.

Many people are curious to know how our young swimmers performed at the NSW Open Water Championships, scheduled for last weekend. Unfortunately, because of weather and atmospheric conditions, the event was cancelled and will be rescheduled.

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Fancy a casual swim in the harbour or off the beach? Follow 400 other swimmers at adventureswims.co.nz for news of where and when. Tomorrow, beach to yacht club at 10am should be nice. Sunday 10am in the carpark by the yacht club is a regular favourite, but there are many others – or invent your own and invite others to join you.