Ocean Swims, Race Four, Sand to Surf, Mt Maunganui

Another good day for Nelson swimmers. The long swim of 2.6km was shortened to about 2km due to the rough conditions, with a particularly difficult section through the surf from the shore out to the first buoy. Of eleven swimmers, seven won age group medals, while Sierra Thomas added the gold medal for the first woman overall and Luke Kelly added a bronze medal for third overall.

In addition, Sierra Thomas, Bendi Kepess and Sophie Alexander added secondary school medals in the long race and added to them in the 500m race.

Full Nelson results here when available.

Photos, click here

Official results

2km results (to be confirmed)

Luke Kelly, gold M20-24 (also third overall)

Bendi Kepess, bronze M15-19 (also fourth overall)

Sierra Thomas, gold F15-19

Sophie Alexander

Hamish Neill, silver M50-54

Steve Clements, gold M60-64

Janis Crampton, silver F60-64

Dick Bennison, bronze M65-69

Brian McGurk

Peter Gibbs

Renato Melo

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