Sea Swim Race Rules

Please Read Covid Regulations under red light
All competitors MUST REGISTER ONLINE the night before their first swim!!!
No on-the-night registration or changes at check-in.

Race rules

  • Competitors must be present at the race briefing.
  • Competitors must start the race within the designated area.
  • Competitors must round buoys as instructed in the safety-briefing. If they fail to do this, they will be disqualified.
  • Deliberately obstructing other swimmers in the field is prohibited. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  • Any competitor that appears incapable of completing the race at any stage may be withdrawn by the organisers, either prior to or during the race.
  • The Race Director’s decision is final.
  • Series swim caps in the appropriate colour for each wave are compulsory. If swimmers change waves during the season, they must buy the appropriate new colour ($5 at registration).
  • While in the water, all swimmers must comply with the directions of patrol boats and paddlers.
  • A swimmer deemed incapable of completing the course in reasonable time, or for any other reason, may be brought to shore by the water patrol at any time and if asked to board the water patrol, swimmers must board the boat immediately without further discussion.
  • Under-16-year-olds may be required to have a signed consent for entry.

There are common hazards which you should be aware of and precautions you should take:

  • Depending on the state of the tide, the ramp can be dangerously slippery. Take care when entering or leaving the water.
  • The tidal flow can have a significant effect on your progress. The courses will be designed to minimise this effect, but listen carefully to each night’s race briefing.
  • The common navigational markers – buoys, posts, the dolphin (navigation marker) and anchored boats can have sharp objects growing on them. Take care when swimming around them, particularly if the tide is pushing you towards them.
  • Give other swimmers room – swim around, not over – be aware of younger swimmers.
  • Jewellery which may endanger other swimmers must not be worn.
  • All swimmers should undertake the appropriate training in preparation for this event.
  • Swimmers enter at their own risk, are responsible for their own physical condition and are urged to train for the swims.
  • Warning is given to all entrants that these events are demanding. Possible risks include drowning or being hit by a boat, object or person.
  • It is important to note that, while every effort will be made to ensure a safe and fun event, organisers and crew are unable to guarantee your safety.
  • Swimmers with low confidence are encouraged to enter in the short course until they are comfortable with the demands of sea swimming.
  • Inflatables and kayaks with safety flotation equipment will be patrolling the course for the duration of each race.
  • In the event of difficulty in the water, stop and raise your hand to identify yourself to a patrol boat or paddler.  If this is not possible, simple roll on to your back to float in a relaxed position.
  • In the event of an injury/accident during the swim, please report this to one of the safety crew on the water or on land as soon as possible.
  • If you decide to pull out for any reason, please alert an event official.
  • Wetsuits are recommended for assistance with bouyancy and warmth especially in the longer course swims.
  • Please give assistance to fellow competitors in need of help.