Port Nelson Summer Sea Swim Series

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Port Nelson Summer Sea Swim Series

Registration is now OPEN!
ALL competitors must REGISTER ONLINE no later than the night before their first swim!!!

The 2020-2021 season starts November 19, 2020. Our sea swims have been held in Nelson, New Zealand over the summer on Thursday nights for the last 33 years.



Sea Swims ...

Each night there will be a short and a long course. The short swim will generally be 200m-500m, while the long swim will be 800m-1500m. Exact distances will vary depending on conditions.

Given the nature of these events and the challenges of tide and wave conditions, it is important that all athletes feel comfortable and confident swimming 500m front crawl in open water, whilst making significant forward progress at all times. Adherence to this requirement will be at the sole discretion of the race director.



Thursday Nights

The Port Nelson Summer Sea Swims are held each Thursday night at 6.15pm from the Nelson Yacht Club ramp on Wakefield Quay in Nelson, starting on Nov 19, 2020. The final competition night is on March 18, 2021.


Clements Endurance

The Clements Windows and Doors Endurance Series of four longer swims will provide an extra challenge, particularly for those swimmers targeting the national Ocean Swim series.


Endurance Series Dates

1-Sun Nov 29, 9.45am Opening Splash (2km)
2-Sun Jan 10, 8am, Eyebright Mile (2km)
3-Sun Feb 14, 10am, Clements Challenge (2.8km)
4-Sun March 28, 10am, Ironman Challenge (3.8km).


We're looking for some volunteers to help (in particular on Thursday nights) - including Kayakers, Patrol Boat crew, First Aid and just general support!  So if you're available or know someone who is please drop us an email at info@nelsontriclub.co.nz.

"Sea swims have been held in Nelson over the summer on Thursday nights for 33 years. For the first 20 years, the swims were organised by Peter Owen of the Nelson company Eyebright, and were known as the Eyebright swims. That historical link remains, with the annual Eyebright Mile, actually a swim of 2km."