Eyebright Mile, Sunday January 6, 2019

It was the roughest Eyebright Mile on record, so top times weren’t on the cards. of the 111 starters, only 90 finished. Luke Kelly (28.39) and Abbey Smale (29.44) were the male and female winners. Luke joins a select group with three wins (that group includes Fergus Strickland, Megan Ramsay, Harrison Dean and Hayden Squance – but the most successful swimmer has been Emma Thomson, who won the event six times between 2002 and 2008).

Here’s the results in age group order, click here

Here’s the results in finish order, click here

Here’s some photos, click here

Here’s a story on Sportzhub.com

Here’s the (known) quickest times over the past 32 years. Click here

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  1. Presume we need to be checked in for a briefing at 10:45 for an 11:00 start. There’s reference to 11:45 which I’m sure is a typo.

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  2. Hi! Can we register on line before or just on the day? The website just allows registration for the Thursday’s swim.

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  3. Hi, loving the series so far thanks team. A novice question…will we be swimming with or against current or is it a mixed bag? Trying to decide between the full or short race and knowing how it will feel will be useful thanks! Stephanie

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      The race starts exactly on the high tide, so in theory there will be no current. Wind is likely to have a bigger effect this time, but fingers crossed the strong winds of the last few days are abating.

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