Race 1: Clements Endurance Swim, Opening Splash

Janice Coyle

November 29, 2020 @ 9:45 am – 11:15 am
Tahunanui Beach
Dick Bennison
027 432 7090

Race 1 – 9.45am, Sunday November 29, 2020, Clements Opening Splash, 2km

Opening Splash is a reversal of the Eyebright Mile. Start at Tahunanui Beach and finish at the yacht club ramp. Short option, start at Richardson St Steps, swim to the yacht club, 600m (must sign on at Tahunanui Beach by 9.30am). High tide 10.14am (3.8m).

Clements Endurance Series

Note the registration allows you select one or more in the Endurance series swims. If you only wish to do one then just tick the box next to the one you wish to register for. However if you do decide later to do another swim in the series you’ll need to make sure you register again for that swim!

Note: Nelson Triathlon Club has a NO REFUND policy on club events.