Chia Teen Training Team

The team launched on Monday. A very cold overcast evening didn’t make it very appealing, but a very small group warmed themselves up with a brisk duathlon, followed by a refreshing bottle of Chia. Coaches Britta Martin and Pogo Macaulay looked after the session.

Pictured: Hannah Price, photo by Janice Coyle,

The sessions continue at 5.15pm every Monday, all teenagers are welcome. You should bring bike (mountain bike is fine) and running shoes. Swimming won’t start until the weather gets a little warmer.

The sessions are building up to the Chia Super Sprint Triathlon on Sunday December 10. This race includes a 200m swim, 6km bike, 1km run – repeated three times. It can be completed by individuals or teams. The teams can compete in a team tag format, where each person completes a triathlon before tagging the next person, or in a straight team with a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. The race is suitable for all ages and especially good for family groups.

For more information and to enter, click here.