Chia Super Sprint Triathlon, December 10, 2018

Things were looking pretty gloomy at 7am, with the raining coming down and very rough seas. By race start at 8.30am, the rain had gone away, the sun came out – and the sea stayed rough.

It was a lot of fun – a bit like a duathlon with the first run leg in chest deep water – there wasn’t a lot of swimming going on in places. However, nobody felt threatened and it all added to quite a festive feeling.

Amazingly, 78 people took part, 28 individuals who did all nine stages, and 50 people as young as 7-years-old and as old as 70+, who joined one of the 18 teams.

Here’s the results in age group order

Here’s the results in finish order

Some great photos from Janice Coyle

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