Busy weekend for Nelson triathletes

Team tri numbers for Sunday’s race are slightly down, due largely to conflicting events – Buller marathon, Coast to Coast and the national sprint tri champs in Kinloch.

After day one of the two-day Coast to Coast, Flossie Van Dyke (pictured) leads the women’s field by five minutes, with the third placed woman another 43 minutes back.

Elina Ussher and Sophie Hart are among the women’s favourites in the one day race. At 10.45am, during the mountain run, Sophie is in third place and Elina is in fourth. Veteran (60+) Malcolm Anderson is in midfield on the run. David Ayre has just been overtaken by Elina Ussher.

At 1.30pm, Flossie is off the water, now in second place in the women’s two-day in 11.27.29, 28 minutes behind the lead female, but with a gap of 27 minutes back to the third female.

In the one-day race, the elite women have completed their run to the river for the kayak section. The leader, Robyn Owen is at 5.54.32, Sophie Hart is neck and neck with Simone Maier 15 minutes back, Corrinne O’Donnell fourth, at 6.11.53 and Elina in fifth at 6.13.51

Malcolm Anderson is in third place in M60+, but running just a few steps behind the second placed athlete in at Dudley’s Knob, 22.5km into the 33km run. That’s 19 minutes behind the leader, who has arrived at Klondyke Corner. They have a 20 minute margin over the person in fourth.

2.12pm: Malcolm Anderson reached the end of the run at Klondyke Corner in 7.27.18. He holds second place in his age group, but only by three seconds.

2.54pm: Sophie Hart has moved into second place in the women’s elite race after 35km of the kayak section, but she’s now 20 minutes back in 8.23.33. Elina has dropped back to sixth but hasn’t yet passed the 35km mark. David Ayre is 16th in the elite men’s race, passing the 35km mark on the river in 8.41.03. Malcolm Anderson has reached the start of the kayak section, where he’s strong, but he’s 45 minutes behind his age group leader and 20 minutes behind the second-placed athlete. In the two-day race, Flossie is doing nearly 34kmh on the bike compared to the leader’s 31kmh, but will probably run out of time to catch her as they approach the 70km mark.

5pm: At 67km on the river, Sophie is still 20min behind the leader. Elina has dropped back to 10th. David Ayre has moved up to 10th at the 55km mark on the river. No progress time yet on the paddle section for Malcolm. In the two-day race, Flossie is 24 minutes behind the leader at the 70km stage of the bike.

The final summary for Nelson athletes – there will be many more we’re not aware of, so please email with their names and races.

One day race

Sophie Hart, 2nd elite women, 12.48.56 (just four minutes off the winner)

David Ayre, 19th elite men, 13.10.19

Elina Ussher, 4th elite women, 13.11.29

Malcolm Anderson, DNF. Not sure what happened, but only one person finished of the four in his 60+ age group. Suspect that he would have missed a cutoff time.

Two day race

Flossie Van Dyke, 2nd open women, 13.36.53. After leading in the first day, Flossie finished 24 minutes behind the leader and 28 minutes ahead of third place.

Down in Westport, Phil Costley won the half marathon in 1.13.41.

Paula Canning was 4th woman (first in F45-54) in 1.25.23.

Ray Boardman 7th in M40-49 in 1.32.32.

Graeme Sellars, 3rd in M60-69 in 1.33.34

Chris Gates, 7th in M50-59 in 1.35.30

Stu Hague, 12th in M50-59 in 1.38.55

Jennifer Jones-Shuttleworth, 3rd in F55-64 in 1.54.46

Glen Findlay, 42nd in M40-49 in 2.05.59

Di Trengrove, 23rd F45-54 in 2.06.11

Nicki Alexander, 25th in F45-54 in 2.08.44

Lyn Smith, 26th in F45-54 in 2.10.23

Jaci Miller, 63rf in F35-44 in 2.43.17

Kevin Edgar, 10th in M50-59 in the walk section in 2.59.47

Meryl Hague, 14th in F55-64 in the walk section in 3.04.57

In the full marathon, Stu Cottam finished 11th overall, winning M50-59 in 3.07.14

Colette Read, 1st F45-54 in 3.25.56

Tomorrow it’s the Triathlon Sprint champs at Kinloch, as well as our own Proper Crisps Team Tri.

In the Kinloch sprint, Hayden Squance was in a sprint for second, but got shut out and finished fourth overall in 1.02.21, gold in M20-24. Matt Newberry was 6th in M40-44 in 1.10,41, Jon Linyard silver in M45-49 in 1.11.50.

IN the standard distance race, Charlie Squance finished in 2.51.37, Carolyn Squance in 2.59.05.


Please email with any results of other entrants or comments – info@nelsontriclub.co.nz